The nordic winter

Winter is something very special above the arctic circles. The polar night however, only begins mid- November and ends in Januar. During this time the Sun no longer rises past the horizon. It’s not completely dark, the sun is not too far and still lends the landscape its light for multiple hours painting it in different blue and pink tones. The snow intensifies the light and colours.

During this period incredible polar lights flicker across the sky. From mid-January the sun rises past the horizon again. Day by day it climbs higher, spreading its warm and orange light. It is generally cold from December to mid-March. Temperatures often fall below -30° C. The end of March marks a change in season and warmer temperatures, from 21 March the days here are as long as in continental Europe and become steadily longer. The end of April marks the time when it no longer becomes dark at night! Snow is certain until the beginning of May and the great lakes of the Fjell have completely thawed in mid-June.



Cooking with passion

Your meals are especially important to us! Jan is a learned Chef and his carefully curated menus will spoil you with local and international delights, whilst placing great emphasis on nutrition.

“Happy” Meat

In summer we raise veals, pigs and goats on our farm. Here, pastures and woods are available to them ensuring they develop healthily. We are very proud to be able to offer our guests firstclass meat.

Enjoy the break

Local produce

We can also offer you the best produce the region has to offer – from reindeer and moose dishes hunted in our valley, to Norwegian fish. A true family business, the fish is caught by Ane’s father and uncle. Once at home caught Cod fish is dried producing delicious Bacalhau, revered by fish lovers.

Bread from the brick oven

We also have freshly baked bread from our partner Regina’s brick oven.

The cold temperatures allow us to prepare our fresh produce into delicious meals, which are easily frozen and then thawed as needed, and we make the most of this during our tours. There’s no eating from plastic bags or tin cans with us!



The first two and last night of your tour you will spend in our cosy cabins at the Huskylodge. Here you have showers, towels and bedding at your disposal, and even a small kitchenette to prepare simple meals.

Cabin romanticism

Accommodation on tour

Whilst on tour we either stay at simple mountain cabins or in the traditional tents of the Samí (Lavvu).

The cabins are of varied standards, some are exceptionally comfortable whilst others are only equipped with essentials. They have three things in common: no service, no electricity and no running water. A truly romantic cabin experience!

Winter camping

Additionally, we always pack some winterresistant tents. On longer tours, camping nights are built into the itinerary.

All forms of accommodations can easily be heated and ensure cosy evenings!


Expedition style

All our tours are carried out in the style of expeditions. We deliberately avoid the use of snowmobiles. Speed is not the most important thing! The experience with the Husky is the top priority. The reliance on the dogs, the weather and snow conditions foster deep friendships and unforgettable experiences in nature. The equipment is distributed evenly on all sleds of the group. The number of harnessed dogs depends on the size and capabilities of the participants, the respective snow conditions and the terrain to be traversed.


Your own dog team

During our guided tours we want you to experience dog sledding first hand. That is why each participant has their own team, to lead and care for throughout the tour.
Only then can the team-work of human and dog and the proximity to nature be truly experienced.

During our tours deep bonds between the people and animals are formed. Only with faith and trust in the animals power does the confidence in one’s own capabilities grow. The only boundaries are set by nature’s immeasurable forces.