The huskies

Alaskan Huskies come in many shapes and sizes – tall, small, big, thin, black, brown, white, or multi-coloured, and their ears can be floppy or straight, or both.
On the plains you will find anything from light race dogs, to massive expedition dogs weighing up to 100 pounds.
Despite these considerable differences in size, looks, and weight, they all share some common traits: an irrepressible and continuous will to run, thick and weather proof fur, tough paws, frugality, and great social behaviour.
They also stand out with regards to their behaviour towards humans: they love contact with us, especially when this includes some cuddling. And with regards to cuddling only one rule applies: the more, the better!


A husky is most happy when he has worked all day!

Good to know

With the advent of dog sledding in the early 20th century, people in Alaska started cross breeding the long-legged, wolf like dogs of the native Americans with polar dogs like the Siberian husky and the Greenland dog. The objective was to breed a dog, with high endurance and, which is healthy enough to meet the challenges of demanding dogsledding races.

For Husky breeders the appearance of the dogs is of little importance. Qualities like strength, endurance, and performance are emphasized and sought after.
By now, there are well-known breeding lines, whose bloodlines can be traced back over several generations