Wherever the wind blows us... Coastal experience in Northern Norway

No matter where it takes us. Everywhere is breathtakingly beautiful!

… On this summer sailing trip “Wherever the wind blows us”, we would like to explore the coast of Northern Norway together with you.
Since all the island chains around the summer harbor of our Ursa Minor are fantastic, we would like to let the wind determine where the journey goes!

The coast of Northern Norway has a lot to offer and with a sailing boat you can travel and experience the coast differently than, for example, with a camper van. You can reach the most remote, secluded bays and marvel at the magnificent coastal landscape from the waterline.

Senja? Lofoten? Hamarøy? Andøya? Kvaløya?

Some of the islands are more famous than others… but they are all pearls!




14 days


Friends of Norway, friends, groups, families


Coastal landscape, islands, fjords


On the boat


There are so many pearls to discover. Sometimes you find them where you don’t expect them!

The basic idea of this tour is not to have a precise itinerary. We want to sail the coast with enough time and let the winds choose the direction for the most part.

Because then we depend less on engine power.
Of course, it doesn’t work entirely without the motor… here and there we have to rely on the engine.

The coast in the north is changeable in summer. You can swim on deserted beaches, visit small fishing villages, go on hikes under the midnight sun… The infinite brightness in the land of the midnight sun sets no limits!


  • 5.425 €, 14 Tage
    (≈ 62.387 NOK)
The price includes

Food and beverages onboard (alcoholic drinks not included)

If necessary

Good to know about your sailing holiday

The boat is well equipped with a refrigerator and freezer. You can shop in towns along the way. We bake fresh bread on board and maybe one of the participants will have luck fishing??

We value good food on the go!

Everyone on board should lend a hand. Whether cooking, washing up, shopping, cleaning or carrying out maintenance work… It’s nice when we complete all the tasks together as a companionship.

A good atmosphere is then guaranteed!