Northern Light Huskytour

Tour description

During this tour we want to bring you closer to the polar night with its particular moods.
Even though the sun does not rise over the horizon during this time of the year, we still have three to four hours of light each day. This is enough time for us to reach the next cabin, and to experience the artic polar night with all its enchantments along the way.
This is the best time to experience the northern lights. For the darker the sky, the better this magnificent spectacle of lights and colours can be observed.

Glimmering hazes are dancing across the sky when sun particles meet the atmosphere ́s upper layers and burn up in mostly green light.

On a clear day, the snow reflects the little light there is, which gives us the option of driving a few hours longer through the moonlight.
The northern light husky tour has no pre- specified route. We move between the two national parks ØVRE DIVIDAL and ROHKUNBORRI and explore their border regions. We adjust to the respective weather conditions on a daily basis.



8 or 11 days (5+3/8+3), arrival, instructions, 5 or 8 tour days, departure


Newbeginners and northern light watchers


birch wood and mountains


in cabins

"Den blå timen"


  • 3.850 €, 11 Tage (8+3)
    (≈ 42.350 NOK)
  • 2.900 €, 8 Tage (5+3)
    (≈ 42.350 NOK)
The price includes
  • Transportation airport Bardufoss
  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Tour guide
  • Dog team
  • Reindeer fur
  • Snow-shoes
If necessary
  • Warm snowsuit
  • Winter boots
  • An extra sleeping bag

Den blå timen – “the blue hour” – is what Norwegians call this time of the day, when the land is covered in navy-blue light. The snowscape is glinting with colours, which in the rest of Europe only can be witnessed in the moments before dawn.

All these moods can be enjoyed during long and cosy evenings in cabins around the Altevatn Lake.
If you are longing for some unhurried days around Christmas, this tour is what you are looking for!


Good to know

Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a luminous phenomenon (specifically an electric Meteor), which is caused when charged particles of the solar wind impact the atmosphere in the polar regions of the earth. Auroras are seen mostly in the north at 60 degrees north latitude and south of 60 degrees south latitude (Aurora Australis).

In ancient times

The Vikings believe that the northern lights are a sign of a great battles that had been waged on Earth. According to them the Valkyries rode across the sky after every battle choosing the heroes who should henceforth dine at Odin’s table. The light of the moon reflected on their shining armor.

Time Length Guide Available places
Saison 2024/2025
2024/12/14 - 2024/12/21 8 days (5+3) Ane Klaudiussen 3 Register
2024/12/29 - 2025/01/05 8 days (5+3) Jan Klaudiussen 2 Register
2025/01/08 - 2025/01/15 8 days (5+3) Jan Klaudiussen 0 Fully booked