Husky expeditions

Interested in an active winter holiday? Huskies inspire you?
On these pages you can learn more about us and our dog sled expeditions.

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Reindeer trekking

Experience northern Scandinavia without a lot of luggage on your back! Our pack reindeers make it possible! Here you can browse through our offers!

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With us on the Huskylodge there are many interesting things to enjoy: Huskies, reindeers, pigs, goats, wide mountain ranges, wilderness … but above all: freedom!

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You are interested in active holidays? Winter, summer, or autumn? You are crazy about huskies or reindeers? If you are longing for the north, you have come to the right place!

On these pages you will find out more about us. You can make friends with our huskies and reindeers, browse through our offerings, or just get enchanted by the moods of the pictures.