Our huskies are enthusiastic when they are in their element, and that is contagious!


Dog sledding – an experience

After an intensive introduction day, the various tours lead us deep into the spectacular world of northern Scandinavia ́s mountain landscape. We pass frozen lakes and rivers, and traverse pristine snow landscapes.
While breathing in the North’s fresh air, you can discover tracks of wild animals such as moose, deer, and maybe even wolverine, and lynx in the snow. The vastness of the nature is exciting and calming at the same time, and you will be captivated by its particular lighting conditions.

Expedition style

All our tours are conducted in an expedition style. We abstain from using snowmobiles, as speed is not our main objective. Instead, the genuine husky experience ranks first. Being dependent on the dogs, and the weather conditions, builds deep friendships and leads to unique experiences. We distribute our equipment among all sledges in the group. The number of dogs per sledge depends on the participants ́ size and skill, the respective snow conditions, and on the terrain to be traversed.

Friendship and teamwork

Who can participate?

Previous knowledge from dogsledding is not necessary. Everyone who is fit enough for cycling or skiing can join our tours. On the first day after your arrival, you will get a thorough introduction on harnessing the huskies, and maneuvering a sledge. Some physical strength is necessary in order for you to participate in these activities.

Very important!

You should like dogs- that is a requirement! During your stay you will be closely collaborating with your four-legged teammates, and most likely become close friends. Unfortunately you won ́t be able to take them with you after the tour is finished.


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Good to know

Your own dogteam

On our guided tours we want you to experience dog sledding at its core.
You will have your own dog team, for which you will be responsible during the entire tour.
This ensures that you experience the cooperation between human and dog, and the closeness to nature to the fullest extend!

The elements

We adapt our tours to weather and snow conditions. The unpredictable nature of the North often has the last word when it comes to route planning.