Sail Adventures


When you visit the coast of Northern Norway by boat, you quickly find yourself describing it in superlatives!
Endless sandy beaches and countless secluded sheltered anchorage bays.

Thousands of islands dot the coast and fishing towns can be found in the most remote places. Always accompanied by a magnificent mountain world as a backdrop.

On our sailing trips we want to explore Norway’s coastline together with you.
You don’t need to be a hardened sailor for this. We adapt our tours to the weather conditions and participants. If the weather is bad, we go on shore excursions and hikes or explore the towns on our route.
We want to travel under sail as much as possible. Since the winds doesn’t always com from the directions we need, motorized trips are also planned.

What can get you closer to the coast of Northern Norway than a sailboat?!


SY Ursa Minor

…is a 15 meter aluminum ketch. So a two-master.
Stably designed for the open sea in 1992 and suitably equipped for Nordic conditions.

She has a steering position in a cockpit in the middle of the boat, which ensures good comfort and safety in rough seas. The sprayhood provides protection from wind and weather. All sails can be set and trimmed by hand using the powerful winches without the help of electric auxiliary motors.

Their solar cells and wind turbine produce enough electricity into the battery banks to allow them to lie in protected bays without access to electricity for long periods of time and to be largely independent of the engine.

With her 8 berths spread over 4 cabins, she is ideal for a crew of 5 to 6 people plus skipper and cook/guide.

The Davids at the stern allow the dinghy with electric motor to be easily lowered and raised so that you can go ashore when anchored.

Lounge and galley

Ursa Minor has 2 bathrooms with comfortable toilets and two showers. In addition, with our 1000 liter water tank, we don’t need to save water on the go! Our diesel heater provides warm water.

It is equipped with a Webasto diesel heater with radiators in every cabin, which always ensures pleasant temperatures in the boat – and of course for cozy evenings in the saloon below deck!

The cabins in Ursa Minor

The boat has 8 berths distributed in 4 cabins

The bow and stern cabins each have a double bed

In the middle cabins there are single beds one above the other.

Good to know about your sailing holiday

Ursa Minor is a spacious ship for its size, but of course on a boat of this size with several people and occupied beds it quickly becomes cuddly and cramped. There are no private cabins. Two cabins are walk-through cabins and the bow and stern cabins must be accessible to all participants because of the bathrooms.
It also has a technical room that can be used as a drying and storage space as well as an engine compartment.

When going on a sailing trip, you should therefore pack sparingly and carefully. It is not possible to take suitcases on board.
Anything that doesn’t fit into the few cupboards on the boat has to be stored in nets on the bunk.

We distribute the bunks in the respective cabins according to practical, organizational possibilities. We try to give couples double beds wherever possible.
You cannot reserve special beds or cabins!


You have to be a little seaworthy when vacationing on a boat. But don’t worry, we have good chewing gum for seasickness with which we have had very good experiences!
If you have any concerns, there are some over-the-counter remedies available at your pharmacy.