How to get here

There are many ways to reach our farm in the North. Naturally, the fastest way is by air. Should you not be a fan, have time on your hands or would like to extend your holiday there are many other options. On this page we gathered the best ones.


The nearest airport from which we offer pick-ups is Bardufoss. Bardufoss is well connected to Oslo with numerous daily flights by SAS. SAS also offers flights to multiple European and American cities. Booking your entire flight with the same airline has the advantage of ensuring smoother transit periods. Of course you can book your trip to Oslo with any airline of your choosing, but be aware that only SAS flies to Bardufoss.


You can also reach us via Tromsø. This scenic Town at the Arctic Ocean is roughly 200 km away from us. SAS and Norwegian operate daily flights to Tromsø from Oslo-Gardermoen, and are often more competitively priced than flights to Bardufoss. From Tromsø you can easily reach Setermoen by bus. The bus runs several times a day a takes three hours to reach Setermoen, and costs roughly 50 Euro. The bus traverses beautiful landscape and is well worth it. We will then pick you up from Setermoen.





If you’ve chosen to come to us by train you’ll need between two to three days from Central Europe. Travelling by train has its own charm. You’ll truly sense the distance of many thousand kilometers, whilst approaching the North. The fastest train ride is through Sweden. There are multiple trains from Narvik. From there is a bus to Setermoen.


It is also possible to take the train via Oslo to Fauske/Bodø. However, then you’ll still have to take the bus from Fauske via Narvik to Setermoen. A scenic route, but it does drag on.

Swedish Rail WWW.SJ.SE

Norwegian Rail WWW.NSB.NO

Deutsche Bahn DB WWW.BAHN.DE



Those who opt for a trip with the car should be prepared for at least three to four days on the road. If you’d like to enjoy the ride and take a break you should plan for at least an extra two days! From Northern Germany it is roughly 3000 kilometres! For this journey we recommend the Swedish roads, especially in Winter. The roads in Norway are icy and curvy and take some getting used to. Independently which road you choose a good set of winter tires are an absolute must! The locals even use spikes. For larger groups the trip by car may be economically worth it.



Travelling on the Hurtigurten

If you have a week’s vacation to spare and would like to treat yourself we recommend the legendary postal ship route. This is by far the most beautiful and peaceful ways to travel! A great way to prepare yourself for adventures ahead.

Or a smooth transition back into your daily life.

Vehicles on the Boat

The Hurtigrute runs between Bergen and Kirkenes. Especially in winter there are sometimes offers to transport your car by ferry should you book a cabin. You can disembark in Finnsnes or Tromsø. Without a car, you must take the bus from here to Setermoen where we will pick you up.



The traditional Norwegian postal shipliner has connected the many towns along Norwegians 2,700 kilometre coast since 1893. The ships are a combination of freight, passenger and cruise and traverse the route between Bergen and Kirkenes in six days. The Hurtigurte is, above and beyond its practical purpose, an internationally known Tourist attraction and considered one of the most scenic sea voyages in the World.