Towards the East, North and South lay large uninhabited landscapes. Towards the West stretches the valley with scattered farms and cultural landscapes right up to the Northern Atlantic.


At our lodge we do not practice mass tourism! Our lodge is small and four our winter tours we have roughly 85 huskies on our farm.

Next to the dog kennels live our 6 reindeers, for our summer programs. In the months without snow we also have some pigs for our own meat production.



Our lodge is located in the heart of the Salangsdalen valley, at the end of a small street. The few neighbours are milk producing farmers. The village Setermoen and also the nearest supermarket are 35 km towards the North. However, despite the secluded location with the Bardufoss airport we are easy to reach! The airport is only a just an hour car ride away, which is a stone’s throw for Northern Norway. Towards the South, Narvik is 60 km away.


On our lodge we have a residential building; an operational building with a workshop, kitchen for the dog food and baths/toilers; a wood fired sauna near the river; our three cozy log cabins „Helge Ingstad“ , „Eivind Astrup” and “Wanny Woldstad”; and a Lavvo (Tipi).


With a lot of support for our family and partners we have been able to setup our lodge over the past couple of years.
We officially moved to the Municipality of Bardu in 2008 with 9 huskies. A lot has happened since then! The kennel grew quickly and for many years we developed our dog sledding packages on a rented farm. In 2012, after searching for all this time, we found the perfect farm. Finally, we could dedicate ourselves 100% to our business!
We built the operational building with a workshop, dog food kitchen and bathing area in 2012, as well as our first cozy log cabin “Helge Ingstad”. In the following year we built the second cabin “Eivind Astrup”. Both cabins have been built with attention to every detail and lovingly decorated with an unique charm.



The area in which we live is very isolated. The Municipality of Bardu has a population density of only 1, 5 person per square km. The first settlers arrived in the 19th century from Østerdalen. Fleeing from flooding and overpopulation, they sought out the fertile valleys in the North suitable for agriculture. The area in which we travel during our tours is larger than Southern Germany. It has been largely spared from settlements and industrialization.

Good to know

The direct vicinity of the lodge is ideal for day trips.

The extensive hikings trails “Grenz” and the long distance trail “Nordkalottleden” are well marked. At convenient daily distances you’ll find cabins from the TT and DNT hiking associations.

One of the most pristine hiking trails meanders through the Rokhunborri national park, directly at our door step. Towards the South-East is the legendary hiking trail “Kungsleden” close to the Swedish town Abisko, only two hiking days away.

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