Expedition Dividal

Tour description

The tour ́s objective is to cross the Dividal national park.

The Nationalpark is a lofty mountain area with wide valleys, pervaded by birch forrest. It is one of northern Norway ́s the most solitude areas.

The tour starts at the Altevatn lake, and we will be moving with our dog teams through largely pristine nature. During the first winter months, most of the tracks we meet come from moose, reindeers, wolverines, and lynxes. There are bears living in this area, but during this time of the year they are fast asleep.

The mountains ́ remoteness and the capricious weather conditions demand a flexible tour schedule, and good physical shape of the participants.



11 days (8+3), arrival, instructions, 8 tour days, departure


beginners and advanced mushers in good physical shape


birch wood and mountains


in cabins

Frosty world north of the polar circle


  • 3.850 €, 11 Tage (8+3)
    (≈ 42.350 NOK)
The price includes
  • Transportation airport Bardufoss
  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Tour guide
  • Dog team
  • Reindeer fur
  • Snow-shoes
If necessary
  • Warm snowsuit
  • Winter boots
  • An extra sleeping bag

The tour will be adjusted to weather conditions at a daily basis!

We will be spending most of the nights in cabins, which are spread out in a day ́s traveling distance. Sometimes weather conditions can slow us down and we will have to spend the night in tents. On this tour the close cooperation between human and dog is particularly important!

This tour is suited for beginners and intermediates, who want to be on their way a while longer.

The guide leads the group and helps out if necessary. After 250 km we arrive back at the Altevatn lake and have reached the end of the tour.

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Good to know

Øvre Dividal National Park

The park has an area of 770km2 and is situated in the border area between Norway and Sweden. It was founded in 1971 in order to preserve the pristine nature with its rare flora and fauna, and to conserve the distinct cultural heritage of the area. The upper Dividal features different kinds of topography. There are wooded valleys, containing genuine primeval forest, bumpy plateaus, moors, marshes, and majestic mountains. Throughout the park ́s center runs the Divielva river valley.

Large predator population

Tracks of lynxes, bears, wolverines and sometimes wolves are discovered in the park frequently, and Norway ́s biggest wolverine population is situated within it.
Therefor the Wilderness District Bardu has a wolverine on its flag!

Time Length Guide Available places
Saison 2024/2025
2025/01/16 - 2025/01/26 11 days (8+3) Ane Klaudiussen 0 Fully booked
2025/01/28 - 2025/02/07 11 days (8+3) Jan Klaudiussen 0 Fully booked