It’s not unusual to have a lot of questions before your trip!


Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions and some tips on the best ways to get to us.
We’ve put together a list of the necessary equipment you’ll need to bring with you. Or you can read through the many testimonials from some of our guests and catch some of the Northern fever.

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The cold temperatures here in the North scare off some of our visitors. Trust us, it is not as bad as it seems.
Under “Preparing for a tour” we’ve put together all the information you should need on how to deal with cold and how you can best protect yourself when, unlike our four legged friends, you don’t have thick fur.

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Anyone who likes the seclusion and self-reliance nature can offer you has come to the right place.

Ideal prerequisites are:

Good mood, sense of community and responsibility and a willingness to help.
A fair assessment of the capacity and personality of the dogs and teammates
Fitness and endurance, at the level that would be required to complete a bicycle tour with luggage in the highlands.

Previous knowledge of dog sledding is not essential. Any insecurities or uncertainties will be faced and overcome in the first few days of the tours, and often faster than expected. Most newbies are quickly in their element and laughing about the difficulties of the early days.

Testimonials from our guests



Your safety is paramount to us! Our tours are often in uninhabited areas, and high mountains with little protection. This means we’re much more exposed to Mother Nature’s mood swings than in forested areas.

In order for all participants to be able to behave correctly in different situations, we conduct a comprehensive safety briefing before each tour. Additionally, all groups have access to the best and latest safety equipment: a satellite phone and a PLB/EPRIB (Emergency beacon).

Before each tour there is a comprehensive introductory presentation on dog sledding and a precise consultation about the equipment. We reserve an entire day just for this! Furthermore, we provide you with specialised equipment (extra warm winterboots and overalls) free of charge.

Our motto is: Safety comes first and our tours philosophy dictates quality at every point.