Ursa Minor Orca Safari



8 days


Photo enthusiasts and animal watchers. No sail experience needed


Northern Norwegian fjord- and coastlandscape


On the boat in private bed / shared cabin

When the huge schools of herring reach the north Norwegian coast in winter, many humpback- and killer whales follow them every year into the fjords north of Tromsø.
In some years up to 60 orcas and humpbacks gather in Kvænangen Fjord to feast on the fat fish. Estimated to be one of the largest concentrations of orcas in the world!

With our sailing boat, the SY Ursa Minor, we follow the whales to watch them play and hunt. But not only the large marine mammals can be admired, the wilderness of the north has a lot more to offer: sea eagles, seals and dolphins are often seen and can be photographed great!

Humpback whale fin
Ursa Minor Adventures

And all this in the breathtaking winter landscape of the northern Norwegian coastline. Snow-capped mountain landscapes, deep blue fjords, wonderful pastel-colored lighting conditions… and not to forget the flickering Northern Lights – A magical time of year!

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With our sailboat, the SY Ursa Minor, we follow the whales to watch them play and hunt. But it’s not just the large marine mammals that can be admired, the northern wilderness has a lot more to offer!

Sea eagles, seals and dolphins often appear and are great to photograph!
And of course the Northern Lights show up when the sky is clear!


  • 3.100 €, 8 Tage
    (≈ 34.100 NOK)
The price includes

Full pension
Private bed in shared cabin
Bed linen

If necessary

Warm Overal


Of course we have to adapt the sailing trip to the weather, the whales and the participants along the way.
We will anchor in sheltered fjords or call at coastal ports. With our dinghy you can be taken ashore to undertake smaller or larger hikes and discover the area on shore.

But if conditions allow, we will choose the outer coastal route on the way back and anchor at the island of Ljøsøy. There we can visit our reindeer and spend the last night. In our cozy family house we can enjoy a last feast and heat up the sauna there!


Good to know about whale watching

No sailing experience is required. We will follow the tracks of the whales either under sail or under motor to visit the fjords where the whales are!

Humpback whale with Ursa Minor Adventures
Whalewatching in northern Norway

During our tours, we are very careful not to disturb the animals and only to be spectators of what is happening. However, the whales often come very close to the boats on their own. There are many opportunities for spectacular photo shoots! So don’t forget your camera!