Experience Huskylodge

You can spend one or more nights, or even your entire holiday at our lodge! We provide weeklong holidays with lots of inclusive offers for smaller groups, couples or individuals.


Two days of this week are particularly special! They include guided reindeer trekking tours or a husky tour with a training sled into the near mountains –however, sometimes summer is too warm for the huskies.
On these days we provide a delicious and carefully prepared lunch.

Hiking Options

There are a number of destinations to choose from when you start your hikes: mountain peaks with extraordinary views, walking in a loop through a myriad of landscapes and vegetations, or beautifully situated cabins. If you’d like we can even plan a night of camping in tens into the itinerary.

Life on a farm

There is always a lot to do at the Huskylodge, because all animals need to be cared for. All guests are invited to join us for these activities!

It is never boring!



One week (7 days):

For 4 persons 3.000,- € / 28.500,- NOK
For 3 persons 2.500,- € / 23.700,- NOK
For 2 persons 2.100,- € / 19.500,- NOK
For 1 person 1.300,- € / 12.300,- NOK
Every additional day 120,- € / 950,- NOK


Book Experience Huskylodge

Included in the price

  • Transfer to/from the airport Bardufoss
  • Accommodation in our cabins
    (6 nights)
  • Use of the sauna
  • Use of the Lavvo grill (Tipi)
  • Required equipment
  • Two activity days, eg. Reindeer trekking or a huskytour
  • sheets and towels.

Not included

  • Admission fees
  • Meals
  • Car

We can purchase provisions for you or you can purchase them during the airport transfer and prepare in the kitchenette in the cabins.