Reindeer trekking Rohkunborri


During this tour we hike, with our packed reindeers, through a part of the Rohkunborri national park. This area distinguishes itself with its steep mountains, hanging glaciers, deep valleys and high mountain passes. At the heart of Lapland, here our reindeer are truly in their element.

We spend the first day hiking along the “Nordkalottleden” trail, and spend the first night in a cozy mountain cabin, near the Swedish border.

We leave the marked trails on our second day and cross a birch forest strewn with rivers, lakes and swamps. Making headway here is not easy and we set up camp for the nights along the banks of the river Vadvet.



8 days (5+3) Arrival day, 5 days on tour, rest day on the lodge, departure day


Beginners , animal lovers, hikers or families


Mountain and old birch forest.


Cabin at the lodge, lavvo (Sami Tipi) and 1 cabin on the trail

Wide views

If timing is on our side, we’ll be able to collect cloudberries in the swamps.

On the third day we start our ascend into the mountains of the Rohkunborri national park, leaving behind the valleys of Sweden and entering the mountain ranges of Norway. On the fourth day we’ll traverse a mountain pass at the end of which the spectacular Isdalen opens up before us! We’ll spend the night next to two lakes abundant in fish. If we’re really lucky we’ll be able to add some goodies to our menu!

The Huskylodge is our destination on the last day of the tour. There the sauna on the banks of the Budal river awaits!


  • 1.920 €, 8 Tage (5+3)
    (≈ 18.816 NOK)
The price includes

Transfer Airport Bardufoss
Full border
Reindeer with equipment
Own equipment like hiking boots, sleeping bag etc…

If necessary

Possibility to stay longer at the Lodge with self supply:
35,- € / 300,- NOK per night/person
110,- € / 1100,- NOK private cabin

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Good to know

Daily stages

As well as a night in a mountain cabin we have a comfortable Lavvo (Tipi) at our disposal. We cover 12 to 25 km daily. The terrain is challenging and we spend 6 to 10 hours on the road. Every participant is allocated a reindeer to guide and care for. The reindeer carry our luggage so that you only have to carry a small day rucksack.


The cooperation between animal and human is paramount to all of our tours! Whether for human or reindeer: strong bonds are quickly formed and it is often difficult to part ways with your new four- legged friend!


The current season is fully booked.

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