Reindeer trekking under the midnight sun


On this tour we want to experience the special summer atmosphere of the North! The sun doesn’t set from late May to late July, which gives us the freedom to spend our days as we see fit. We’re mainly on the move in the evening when the sun is low, casting a golden light and long shadows over the landscape. Furthermore, the cooler temperatures are ideal for the reindeer!

The tour avoids marked hiking trails, and we start and finish at the Bardu Huskylodge at the edge of the Rohkunburri Nationalpark



7 days (4+3) Arrival day, 4 days on tour, rest day on the lodge, departure day


Hikers, families and explorers of the midnight sun


Mountain and old birch forest.


Cabin at the lodge and Lavvo (Sami Tipi) on the trail

Northern adventure


  • 1.640 €, 7 Tage (4+3)
    (≈ 18.040 NOK)
The price includes

Transfer Airport Bardufoss
Full border
Lama with equipment
Own equipment like hiking boots, sleeping bag etc…

If necessary

Possibility to stay longer at the Lodge with self supply:
40,- € / 400,- NOK per night/person
110,- € / 1100,- NOK private cabin

The hike takes us through two national parks “Vadvetjokka” in northern Sweden and “Rohkunborri” in northern Norway. They both lie in the heart of the Lapland and have distinctive landscapes.

The Vadvet river meanders through a thick birch forest and open swamps until it reaches the great Torneträsk lake.

There are only a few ways through and we mainly follow those used by elk and reindeer.

We’re welcomed by the Rohkunborri as soon as we reach back into Norwegian territory, with its steep mountains, deep valleys and high mountain passes.

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Good to know

Daily stages

We cover between 15 to 20 km per day and sleep in a comfortable Lavvo (Tipi). The terrain varies between easy and challenging and we’re on the road for easily 6 to 10 hours.


The bond between animal and human is vital to all of our tours! Whether for human or reindeer: strong bonds are quickly formed and it is often difficult to part ways with your new four-legged friend!


The current season is fully booked.