Reindeer trekking Rohkunborri


During this tour we hike with our packed reindeer through parts of the Rohkunborri National Park. This area is characterized by steep mountain ranges with high passes, hanging glaciers, deep valleys and gorges. We are in the heart of Lapland and here our Pack-reindeers are at home!

On the first day we hike to Sweden via a spectacular, rocky mountain pass. The first night of our tour we spend in the Vadvetjåkka National Park in our lavvo (tipi).

On the second day we continue on the Swedish side through the high mountains of the Vadvetjåkka National Park. In the afternoon we enter again Norwegian terrain and thus the Rohkunborri National Park. On the way we have views on beautiful mountain ranges, crossed by rivers, lakes and swamps. Our second night we camp overlooking the spectacular Stordalcanyon.



8 days (5+3) Arrival day, 5 days on tour, rest day on the lodge, departure day


Hikers and animal lovers


Mountain and old birch forest.


Cabin at the lodge, lavvo (Sami Tipi) on the trail

Wide views

At the right time of the year, we can collect arctic cloudberries, blueberries or cranberries on the many mountain slopes and refine our morning cereal!

On the third day we reach a part of the long-distance hiking trail “Nordkalotten”, which we follow on the northern side of the canyon. Here we can adapt the further course of the tour to the wishes of the participants. Depending on weather conditions and progress, the last two nights can either be planned with long daily stages, or we opt for calmer stages with more time to gather berries and mushrooms. We decide that together on the way …

On the last day of the tour the Huskylodge is the destination again. There is already the sauna on the banks of the Budal river waiting for us!


  • 1.920 €, 8 Tage (5+3)
    (≈ 22.080 NOK)
The price includes

Transfer Airport Bardufoss
Full border
Lama with equipment
Own equipment like hiking boots, sleeping bag etc…

If necessary

Possibility to stay longer at the Lodge with self supply:
40,- € / 400,- NOK per night/person
110,- € / 1100,- NOK private cabin

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Good to know

Daily stages

On tour we have a cozy lavvo (tipi) for the night with us. We cover between 12 and 20 km every day. The terrain is challenging, and we are hiking between 6 and 10 hours a day.

There are many vertical meters to deal with every day! Here you have to bring a certain fitness and “hiking-happiness” with you!


Each participant gets his own reindeer, which he can lead. The reindeer carry our luggage and the participants only have daypacks on their backs.
On all our tours the interaction between humans and animals is especially important! Whether human or reindeer: After a short time form deep friendships and not seldom the farewell of the faithful four-legged friends is difficult!


The current season is fully booked.