Reindeer expedition Nordkalotten


This challenging autumn tour follows the legendary “Nordkalottleden” trail. It takes 400km north of the Arctic Circle through the deep valleys traversed by virgin forests and over the high mountain ranges of the inner Troms.

We cover 20 to 35 km daily with our packed reindeer, which means we’re on the road roughly 8 to 10 hours every day. The reindeer make the going easy. The animals carry 20 to 25 kg on their backs freeing ours. We only have to carry small day packs with our personal items.

On this tour we cross two national parks and cover roughly 200 km of challenging terrain.



14 days (11+3) Arrival day, 11 days on tour, rest day on the lodge, departure day


Advanced hikers, animal friends and long-distance-hikers


Mountain and forests.


Cabin at the lodge, lavvo (Sami Tipi) and 2 cabins on the trail

Indian Summer


  • 4.070 €, 14 Tage (11+3)
    (≈ 46.805 NOK)
The price includes

Transfer Airport Bardufoss
Full border
Lama with equipment
Own equipment like hiking boots, sleeping bag etc…

If necessary

Possibility to stay longer at the Lodge with self supply:
40,- € / 400,- NOK per night/person
110,- € / 1100,- NOK private cabin

Nights are spent mostly in our Lavvo (Tipi) except for two nights, which we spend in mountain cabins. Depending on our progress, we can allow ourselves a day of rest. This gives our backs and reindeer a much-needed break. And of course we can try our luck fishing in the countless lakes!

During autumn the Tundra flowers in its full glory, and we can collect berries and mushrooms to complement our meals!

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Good to know

Animal and human as a community

Just like with our shorter tours the cooperation between animal and human is paramount to all of our tours

Team work

During the tours deep friendships form between the participants, whether two- or four-legged it doesn’t matter! As a team we have to support and help each other. The reindeer are in their element, leading the way so that you can enjoy the picturesque walk.


The current season is fully booked.