Travelling light

After a quick introduction on how to handle the reindeer, we can take you on our tours far into the marvelous Northern Scandinavian mountains. We’ll hike along large lakes, cross rivers and weave through untouched landscapes of the Scandinavian fjell. You’ll breathe in the fresh Northern air and will be travelling light! We walk along trails used by reindeers and elks and with a little luck we’ll see lynx and wolverine tracks. The great outdoors are exciting yet relaxing, and you’ll be fascinated by the extraordinary lighting.

Reindeer adventure

The reindeer experience is the top priority for our tours. The cooperation between people and the packed reindeer is a strong foundation for extraordinary friendships and results in you being able to experience nature in an extraordinary way.
Nearly all of the equipment is distributed on the backs of our reindeers. Participants only cary their personal items and a few snacks. Each participant is assigned a reindeer, which you’ll have to guide and care for.

In the heart of Lapland

Who can participate?

Prior knowledge or experience with reindeer is not required. Anyone who is physically fit enough for a hike or bicycle tour can participate on our trips. Shortly after your arrival at our lodge you’ll receive a comprehensive introduction on how to guide and handle the reindeer.

Very important!

Of course you must like animals! You’ll work closely with your four-legged friend for the duration of the tour and surely become good friends.

Be warned you cannot take our darlings home with you!


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Good to know

Your own reindeer

For our guided tours we want you to experience reindeer trekking as authentic as is possible. That’s why each participant will be assigned a reindeer for the tour, which you’ll have to guide and care for.
This is the best way to truly form a bond with the animal and experience nature at its best.

Forces of nature

Our trekking tours are subject to wind and weather, and have to be adapted accordingly. The unpredictable Nordic climate, plays a large role in how we organize our tours.