Spezialtour North Advanced

The Spezialtour “North Advanced” is a challenging expedition that traverses all of the different northern landscapes, from tundra, deep taiga forests to steep mountains ranges.

We drive through the northernmost tip of Sweden, the entire area north and southwest of Kiruna. On our journey, we cross huge taiga forrest reserves, the Abisko National Park, the Dividal National Park and the Rokhunborri National Park.

During this 18-day expedition, we put together the tours “Three Borders”, “Jukkasjärvi” and “Kebnekaise”.

Most of the nights are spent in tents, but in between, there are always some
cabins planned, so we can dry the equipment on the way. In the cabins of the Swedish hiking club we can also warm up ourselves during an evening sauna session.


Scenic, this tour can offer fascinating panoramas! To begin with, we move north through the Dividal National Park towards the border triangle between Norway, Finland and Sweden. From there we drive through the hilly landscape of the northernmost Swedish Lapland. From Øvre Soppero the terrain becomes much flatter and we enter the big taiga forests. On these days we can warm ourselves atcosy evening campfires.



21 days (18+3), arrival, instructions, 15 days on tour, departure


Advanced mushers


Birch wood, tundra, taiga and mountains


Cabins and tent

Slowly we are approaching the mountain range of the Skanden again. There we are welcomed by Sweden’s highest mountain: the Kebnekaise. We will drive around the mountain through its surrounding, steep and rocky valleys.

On the last days of our journey we cross the Abisko National Park and approach home areas and our lodge from the south.

... Huskies, Sun, Winterwonderland...

In harsh weather conditions and lots of snow, this tour is not easy to manage and the participants need good physical condition and endurance.

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If the weather and snow conditions are good, the expedition will turn west in Laukuluspa and then cross Kebnekaisefjällstasjon on the Kungsleden at Nikkaluokta.

The shorter alternative leads along the river Rautasälven over the lake of the same name to Allesjaure to a very comfortable hut of the Swedish hiking club.


  • 7.250 €, 18+3 Tage
    (≈ 71.050 NOK)
The price includes
  • Transportation airport Bardufoss
  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Tour guide
  • Dog team
  • Reindeer fur
  • Snow-shoes
If necessary
  • Warm snowsuit
  • Winter boots
  • An extra sleeping bag

Good to know

The high weight of the sledes certainly forces us to shorter stages on the first days. However, since we are mainly on Swedish snowmobile trails in the second half of the tour, we make faster progress and catch up with longer daily stages.

Spezialtour North Advanced is a long and demanding expedition with 18 tour-days. To reduce the overall weight of the equipment and especially the dog food, we have set up two depots along the way.


The current season is fully booked.