Huskycamp Altevatn

Tour description

This tour ́s point of departure is the Altevatn Lake, which stretches over 24 miles through the mountains of inner Troms County.

We explore the area during day excursions from our base camp – a simple and cozy cabin at the lake ́s eastern shore.

Depending on the snow conditions, we can move north into the Dividal national park, or south, into the Rohkunborri national park, which was founded in 2011. Towards the east, Swedish Lapland’s vast and scenic hilly landscape lies ahead of us.

Depending on weather conditions and participants ́ requests, we can organize day excursions varying in length and level of difficulty.



8 days (5+3), arrival, instructions, 5tour days, departure




birch wood and mountains


in cabins

A winterdream


  • 2.750 €, 8 Tage (5+3)
    (≈ 27.500 NOK)
The price includes
  • Transportation airport Bardufoss
  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Tour guide
  • Dog team
  • Reindeer fur
  • Snow-shoes
If necessary
  • Warm snowsuit
  • Winter boots
  • An extra sleeping bag

There is the option of changing the base camp during the tour, – the banks of Altevatn Lake, the surrounding birch forests, and the mountains leave us with many options.

This tour is especially suited for beginners. You will receive your own dog team, for which you will be responsible during the entire tour. During our stay in the base camp, you will have time to learn the daily tasks of a musher.

During the introduction day, we will thoroughly teach you basic dogsledding skills, and soon you will be familiar with the basic maneuvers and moves.

Those include harnessing and supplying the dogs, and all the other tasks which life in the Nordic winter brings about.

During the entire tour a guide will attend the group.

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Good to know

Lake Altevatn

The lake is surrounded by vast wildness. The dividal national park extends to the north, while Rohkunborri national park lies in the south. Here, the Bardu River, after which the municipality is named, has its source. In the east, the Ousto River connects the Altevatn with the Leinavatn Lake.

One of Norway ́s biggest lakes

With its 80 km2, Altevatn Lake is Norway ́s 10th biggest lake, and the biggest one in Troms County. It is over 50 kilometers long, and on average 2 km wide. At its northwestern end, a dam is regulating the lake ́s altitude between 472 and 489 meters.


The current season is fully booked.